70 Funny Controversial Questions to Impress Your Audience

If you have to speak at a public event soon, one of the questions that may come to your mind is “What is a funny controversial question to make the audience laugh?”. You are not alone; most public speakers ask themselves this question. Trying to make your audience laugh may seem difficult but it is usually worth it in the end.

Before you can make your audience laugh, you first need controversial questions funny enough to do so. Thankfully, in this article, you will be getting those questions. So, keep reading the list.

Funny Controversial Questions on Lifestyle

  1. How to make them think you are listening when you are not?
  2. Is it okay to make the same mistake and learn nothing?
  3. How can you see the joy in a bird pooping on your head?
  4. What is the right way to boil water?
  5. What are the embarrassing things to do on your first time on a plane?
  6. It’s okay to lie sometimes — and get punished when you do
  7. Saying “I’m almost there” when you are still taking a bath
  8. Underarm farts are underrated
  9. The best mistakes I have made
  10. Why do boys pretend not to gossip?
  11. How to make people laugh at your jokes
  12. Chew your medication
  13. Why do foreigners pretend they have an American accent?
  14. How to stop blaming the devil for everything
  15. It’s okay to admit you are always right
  16. Talking too much will get you no friends
  17. How to drive haters mad with your happiness
  18. How is the earth round if it has corners?
  19. Using swear words in front of your kids is bad parenting
  20. How to tell you are a gossip addict
  21. Even adults get peer pressure
  22. How all adults lie to kids
  23. How to get tired without doing anything
  24. Is social media responsible for a moral decline in society?
  25. How to see the good things in life, even in a bee sting
  26. We should all be daydreamers
  27. Keep your enemies far away and your friends close by
  28. Why you should continue crushing on celebrities
  29. What would you do if you were a president for a day?
  30. All that glitters is not gold because it’s simple

Controversial Questions Funny on Gender

  1. Why men should wear skirts and tights
  2. Gender neutrality simply won’t work
  3. What would happen if men could get pregnant?
  4. What if women had more muscles than men?
  5. Should women do more construction jobs?
  6. Men are more gossips than women
  7. How to sleep your way to top positions as a man
  8. Who is more loyal in a relationship?
  9. If women are petty, then who caused World War 1 & 2?
  10. Is the law sexist towards men?
  11. Why feminism is a huge joke that is not even funny
  12. How women can be sexist
  13. What does it mean to “man up”?
  14. What does it mean to not “act like a woman”?
  15. 10 sexist things to stop saying in 2021
  16. Men and women are not equal
  17. It is okay for women to hit men
  18. Can a man and a woman be best friends without sex?
  19. Should men wear earrings and plenty of jewelry?
  20. This is how to be gender-neutral

Funny Controversial Questions on Food

  1. Plants’ lives matter more than animals
  2. How ice cream helps you get over a heartbreak
  3. Three important steps to boiling water
  4. How to drink all day long without peeing
  5. Should you eat live animals?
  6. Cheese and pickles: the best combination ever
  7. If they slurp loudly on their drink, marry them
  8. What fruits will say if they could talk
  9. How to fry an egg
  10. Why takeout food is not really bad for your health

Controversial Questions Funny on Religion

  1. What if we all came from plants?
  2. What if we all came from ants?
  3. We should all be irreligious?
  4. What is the true religion?
  5. Why is it stupid to not believe in God?
  6. Should parents introduce their babies to their religion?
  7. What is God’s gender?
  8. Will God punish still us if we lied to save someone?
  9. What if there is no heaven or hell?
  10. What if we all reincarnated as animals?


With this list, all you have to do is pick a funny controversial question and then make your research. Your public speaking will turn out well so do not be afraid.

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