41 Funny Controversial Speech Topics for a Friend

Public speaking can be interesting but can also cause people to be anxious. One thing about public speaking is that you have to engage with the audience. Furthermore, one easy way to engage with your audience is by making them laugh. However, although this seems easy and is effective, it can also be difficult. Thankfully, in this article, you will be getting 41 funny speech topics to choose from for your next public speaking event.

Persuasive Funny Controversial Speech Topics

  1. Who gossips more: boys or girls?
  2. Should you do a spicy Ramen noodle challenge?
  3. Should boys wear tights?
  4. Why plants’ lives matter like animals’
  5. Why every girl wants to marry Jason Mamoa
  6. Why we should lie sometimes
  7. Why do we blame the devil for everything?
  8. All that glitters is not gold because it’s fake gold
  9. You can’t be poor and happy
  10. Stop listening and start talking
  11. It’s okay to admit you are always wrong
  12. How to pretend to listen when you are not
  13. “I’m almost there” when you are still at home
  14. How all adults lie to their kids about being the best graduating student
  15. What’s the point of going to school?
  16. It’s okay to make the same mistake but learn from it
  17. How not to embarrass yourself on your first time on a plane
  18. How to drive haters crazy with your joy
  19. Underarm farts are normal but you shouldn’t do them in public
  20. We are fart, just not in public

Informative Funny Controversial Speech Topics

  1. How to see the good things in life, even in a bee sting
  2. Daydreaming is a skill
  3. Keep your enemies far and your friends close
  4. How to make jokes that are actually funny
  5. Best way to make your pet take their medication
  6. Why you should remain poor
  7. Why girls are more loyal than guys
  8. How to tell you are addicted to gossip
  9. Why cats are the ultimate stress reliever
  10. If I were president for a day, I’d do these three things
  11. Why you should eat pizza when you have a heartbreak
  12. The best mistake of my life
  13. Why foreigners forge the American accent
  14. What your pet will say if they could talk
  15. Do people really mean what they say when they are drunk?
  16. Why is it okay to use swear words?
  17. What would happen if men could get pregnant?
  18. The right way to boil water
  19. How to get tired without doing anything
  20. How to make your parrot act like a cat
  21. What if women had more muscles than men?

How to Give Your Speech

  1. Be prepared

You have to be fully prepared days before you give your speech especially if you are a newbie. If you are not well-prepared, you may have stage fright, forget your lines, or even act awkward on stage. However, if you prepare well, it will be easier for you to deliver a smooth speech.

You can practise your speech in two ways. First of all, read your speech in front of a friend and listen to their feedback. Secondly, record your speech and share it with your inner circle to give you feedback.

  1. Be confident

Confidence is key if you want your audience to take you seriously. To help build your confidence, stand in the mirror and say words like, “I can do it” every day.

  1. Have an outline

Write out the main points of your speech accordingly on a piece of paper or on your tablet. This way, you do not forget the next points of your speech as you speak.


With this list of funny controversial speech topics, you no longer have to worry about what speech to give.

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