45 Funny Controversial Statements to Discuss

What are good controversial topics? If you are someone who has a public speaking event to attend as a speaker, then you must have asked yourself this question. Getting your audience to engage in your speech is a good thing but it is not easy either. Thankfully, you do not have to wrack your brain to come up with topics to discuss. In this article, you will be getting 45 funny statements to discuss.

Funny Controversial Statements on Animals

  1. Dogs or cats: who will make the better world leader over humans?
  2. How to make your dog and your cat be best friends
  3. Cats are not the enemies of rats
  4. Puppies or kittens: Which is cuter?
  5. How to train your pet to dial 911
  6. Cats are the best stress reliever
  7. What your pet will say if they could talk
  8. How to make your pet take their medication
  9. How to be an animal for a day
  10. Why is it a crime to eat animals?

Funny Controversial Topics to Talk About on Fashion

  1. Anklets, a fashion statement or a statement of seduction?
  2. In the spirit of “as long as you’re not hurting anyone” should we all walk naked?
  3. Why should we wear clothes if we were born naked?
  4. Are gothic dressing a fashion statement or a cry for help?
  5. Gender dressing: men in skirts and women in trousers?
  6. Why is sleeping naked better than sleeping in clothes?
  7. Should teachers wear school uniforms like students?
  8. Why do celebrities always try to outshine each other in terrible clothes on the red carpet?
  9. Fashion statement or a poor choice of clothing?
  10. Why men should not use makeup

Funny Controversial Statements on Food

  1. Cheese or pickles: Which is grosser?
  2. Why you should eat chicken and chips when you have a heartbreak
  3. Is being a foodie an attractive trait?
  4. Is saying they eat too much fat-shaming?
  5. What is thin people’s privilege?

What are Good Controversial Topics on Romance

  1. If they chew loudly in public, marry them
  2. Who should do the dishes in a relationship?
  3. Should women be the sole breadwinners in the family?
  4. Should one partner stay at home while the other works?
  5. If he has one pack but can play chess, marry him
  6. To give up your career for love or not?
  7. Do couples ever complete movie night dates?
  8. Should you find your celebrity crush and date them?
  9. We should all be polygamous
  10. How to fall in love in 1 week

Funny Controversial Statements on Career

  1. Is Google keywords research a career?
  2. Should playing video games be an actual skill?
  3. Should women do hard labor jobs?
  4. How to sleep your way to the top
  5. How to get rich in 30 days on social media
  6. Should people be allowed to pray at work?
  7. Why should men get paternity leave?
  8. We should all work online
  9. Should you use swear words at work?
  10. Why can’t employees date at work?

Tips for Preparing for Your Speech

  1. Research

First of all, pick a topic from this list and then research the topic. You can use social media platforms for your research because you will find many users giving opinions about the theme of your topic. After researching your topic, research your audience. What type of audience are these? Young people? Old people? Religious people? Working-class people? Students? An audience analysis will help you pick the right topic and also guide you in speaking. For example, when speaking to students, you can use certain slants. However, with adults, you have to use standard English.

  1. Write Down Your Points

Writing down your points will help you during your speech especially if you are a bit anxious. This way, you do not forget what you want to say next. Remember, when you are highlighting your points, do so in the order of importance. This will help you not to repeat something you have said before.

  1. Be Confident

Lastly, build your confidence. Tell yourself every morning that you have what it takes to perform your speech excellently well. When you get on stage, do not be afraid of the audience. Rather, talk to them as you would with your close friends.


With this list, you now have funny controversial topics to talk about. Simply pick one and put the tips to work.

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