40 Funny Controversial Issues for a Conversation

Funny conversations are one effective way of getting your audience to enjoy your speech. However, it can be difficult for some speakers to get this right. Before you can begin a funny controversial conversation, the first thing to do is to get the right topic. Since you are reading this, there is no need for you to wrack your head around searching for a topic. In this article, you will be getting 40 controversial topics.

Funny Controversial Issues on Family and Marriage

  1. What if men got paternity leave worldwide?
  2. Why are babies so lazy and demanding?
  3. Is a lover’s morning breath enough to break a relationship?
  4. How to use ice cream to get over a nasty breakup
  5. Should women be the sole breadwinners in the family?
  6. Should children be allowed to choose their form schools?
  7. Should the toilet seat be up or down?
  8. Is it okay to share your spouse’s secrets with your best friend?
  9. Why you should not have sex before marriage
  10. Why long-distance relationships are the best
  11. Is monogamy necessary in today’s world?
  12. What should be the maximum age difference between a couple?
  13. What types of secrets should you keep from your partner?
  14. How to explain sex education to your 10-year-old in a clean way
  15. Do arguments make a couple of bonds better?
  16. Should people try dating robots?
  17. Should gender roles be specified in a relationship?
  18. Which one is more attractive: men with beards or clean-shaven guys?
  19. Why do children see their parents as their role models
  20. Why online dating is bad for you

Funny Controversial Issues on Religion

  1. Why do you think God does not exist?
  2. Is introducing your child to your religion a necessity or a violation of their human rights?
  3. Are we living in a game and do heavenly bodies play us at will?
  4. Is it okay to patronize shamans and palm readers?
  5. Do crystals really have the healing power or are they just misunderstood pieces of decoration?
  6. What if ghosts are real and live like we do but in a spiritual world?
  7. Is there an alternate universe?
  8. What if reincarnation can actually happen?
  9. Are lucky numbers really lucky numbers or a myth?
  10. If all religions were true, why would we have one heaven and one hell?
  11. Do dreams really predict reality or are people just lying?
  12. Who created time?
  13. Will God punish still if we lied to do something good or save someone?
  14. Does God believe in gender roles?
  15. How to find out if there is really a God
  16. If there is a God, what is gender?
  17. Will the world ever come to an end?
  18. What if we were our own creators?
  19. What to do if the world were to end tomorrow?
  20. What would you say to God if you went to heaven?

How to Prepare for Your Speech

  1. Research

After selecting a topic from the list above, the next thing is to research. For example, if you chose a topic titled “How to find out if there is really a God”, you can use social media for research purposes. This is because social media is the platform where there are many religious vs non-religious debates.

  1. Practise

After research, write out the main points of your topic and practice hard. You can have someone pretend to be your audience while you give the speech. Also, make sure you listen to their feedback and improve on areas that need improving. You can also do a voice recording and send it to a group of trusted friends for their feedback.


You do not have to panic or fear public speaking. With the list of topics in this article, you should be able to get your audience to warm up to you.

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