Funny Controversial Social Topics List of 50 Ideas

The thought of representing a school or club at a debate is enough to get many people anxious. This is because you want people to be able to relate and engage with your topic. If you want that, then it would only make sense for you to choose topics that are both funny and controversial. This way, you can easily get and keep their attention.

What to Do Before Presenting Your Topic

First of all, research the audience. If they do not like certain types of humor, then do not do it. Secondly, research your topic so you can get more information. Lastly, practice your presentation multiple times. This way, you do not make unnecessary mistakes.

Funny Controversial Social Topics on Lifestyle

  1. Will animals make better leaders than humans if they were allowed to rule?
  2. Are anklets a fashion statement or a weapon of seduction?
  3. Does knowing the right keywords to research count as a career?
  4. Cheese or pickles: Which is worse?
  5. Puppies or kittens: Which are cuter?
  6. Do men gossip more in the 21st-century?
  7. Should women do construction jobs?
  8. Dark humor: why is it satisfying to watch others die?
  9. Is playing video games an actual skill?
  10. Why do adults watch childish animated films?
  11. What gestures do women think are romantic but actually turn men off?
  12. What gestures do men think are romantic but actually turn women off?
  13. Why is cheating such a big deal?
  14. Why do girls like boys with six-packs?
  15. Why can’t we all be poor and happy?
  16. Why is polygamy a bad thing?
  17. If the law has more protective laws for girls, is it sexist towards boys?
  18. Do women in top positions really sleep their way up?
  19. If men build each other while women tear down each other, then who are those constantly fighting for world power?
  20. Is age really just a number in adult relationships?
  21. What if the earth is flat?
  22. Why is sleeping naked better than sleeping in clothes?
  23. Why does karma never happen to bad people?
  24. How music can boost your sex drive
  25. How can you tell when a woman likes you?

Funny Controversial Social Topics on Education

  1. How should you teach 3-year-old sex education without being explicit?
  2. Should teachers be made to wear school uniforms?
  3. At what age should a child start to keep a journal?
  4. How to get rich in 100 days using social media
  5. What should a child do when their bully is their parent?
  6. We should all have a religion
  7. What is the ultimate religion?
  8. Why is it stupid to not believe in God?
  9. What if talking to yourself is a good way to deal with depression?
  10. Is public breastfeeding public indecency?
  11. Should parents be the ones to introduce their children to alcohol?
  12. Why should parents give their children of different gender preferential treatments?
  13. Should teens decide what classes they want to skip?
  14. Are men and women equal?
  15. Why do people think it is okay for women to hit men?
  16. Is social media causing moral decay in society?
  17. Should parents introduce their children to their religion?
  18. What is the best way to kiss?
  19. How to get over heartbreak in 3 days
  20. How to make your crush fall in love with you in 3 months
  21. Should men wear earrings and plenty of jewelry?
  22. What genre of music does Gen Z prefer?
  23. Is fitness a criterion for dating someone?
  24. Is the feeling of security enough to be in a relationship?
  25. What are the different types of love?


You no longer have to worry about looking for funny controversial social topics. All you have to do is pick one from the list and have a great debate.

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